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When do I need to renew my membership?

Your membership will run from the date you purchased for 365 days or one full year. You will get a reminder email from the website to renew your membership or it will renew automatically at the next year mark. (This applies to anyone who purchased a membership between December 2020 and now.) 


I have not received an email to renew and the website will not let me renew. 

You will have most likely started your membership in late fall or early winter, between October and November 2020. Your membership was active for four months as part of our introductory membership plan. This means that your membership will end four months from when you first signed up. At the end of the four months you will receive a renewal email at which time you will be able to sign up for the year long membership.


I didn't get my Promo Code for the next presentation. What do I do?

When we open registration for each presentation, we will send an email regarding the presentation and include the promo code within that email. If you become a member shortly before the next presentation, we will be sending individual or small group emails with the promo code to new members and you will be included on the regular membership list for the next presentation. Please be patient as this may take a day or two from when you sign up for membership. 


I don't remember the password I used when I became a member last time.

There is a Forgot Password option. You can click here and the site will send you an email to the email we have on file. While we can not send the password independently of the website, we can check the email that was used to sign up for membership the first time. Also be sure to check your Junk Mail box to ensure that the email did not go to your Junk Folder.

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